DAY 1 – 23.04.2015

Panel 1 – Searching for meaning in reporting tables. Download


Panel 2 – In the pursuit of modernity: a creative adaptation or passive imitation? An attempt to assess changes in Polish museums over the last two decades. Download


Panel 3 – Locked potential for development or untapped opportunity? A question of factors hindering and stimulating development of museums. Download


Panel 4 – A new task, the same staff. The Act on Museums in the light of the current museum practice. Download


Panel 5 – A map of new museum investments. What can we learn about Polish museums through current infrastructure investments? Download


Panel 6 – Visitors – audience or actors co-creating museum experience? Comments on changes determining reception of museums. Download

DAY 2 – 24.04.2015

Panel 1 – Museums response to different needs of diverse visitors. Educational activities of museums. Download


Panel 2 – A museum as a partner in action. A question about an efficient model of cooperation between a museum and its institutional, social and business environment. Download


Panel 3 – A museologist – a curator, but also a manager. New tasks for museologists and changes in training and promotion of museum staff. Download


Panel 4 – Tools for museums of the future. What type of institutional and legal solutions will be critical due to challenges facing Polish museums? Download


Panel 5 – Artefacts, space and multimedia. What determines attractiveness of museum experience? Download


Panel 6 – Museums as a driver of regional development. Download