Mission and Assumptions

Mission of the First Congress of Polish Museologists

The First Congress of Polish Museologists is an expression of maturity of the museum-related environment in Poland and its readiness to face challenges of the contemporary world. The Congress was born out of the need for dialogue with the public and policy makers about the role and importance of museums in the world today. Its goal is to determine the directions and principles of development of Polish museums.

The Congress convenes in order to:

  • diagnose the situation of Polish museums and their system,
  • identify factors that hinder or prevent museums effectively exercise their social mission,
  • emphasize the role of museums in building of modern civil society,
  • demonstrate that museologists understand contemporary world and always look for modern applications for their activities.
  • propose legislative and programmatic recommendations, initiating necessary changes (these will be proposed in the Congress resolutions),

General Assumptions

  • The first Congress of Polish Museologists will take place in Łódź between 23 and 25 April 2015.,
  • The Congress will be attended by 1,200 participants.
  • the separate days of the Congress will be devoted to: (1) diagnosis, (2) directives, and (3) passing of Congress resolutions as projects defining the direction for legislative changes,

The organization of the meeting — a summary of the key assumptions

Presentations and dialogues

  • 20 minutes for each presentation,
  • 30 minutes for each dialogue – 15 minutes for a statement,
  • authors of presentations and dialogues draw written papers which will be included in the Congress documentation.

Panel discussions:

  • 150 minutes for each panel discussion,
  • all panel discussions are held at the same time —participants need to choose discussions to attend,
  • each panel discussion is attended by 6 panellists and a moderator.


  • Resolutions of the First Congress of Polish Museologists manifest the will of participants,
  • Congress resolutions are not legislative texts par excelance. They should be considered as a manifesto of will and declaration supporting legislative process – their intention is to introduce certain changes or prevent other changes which take place contrary to the best interest of the environment. Resolutions are ordered by law manifests, the aim of which is to provide an adequate legislative pulse,
  • Draft resolutions will be drawn by appointed for this purpose resolution team of the First Congress of Polish Museologists,
  • During the Congress, draft resolutions will be presented by the speakers selected from the resolution team of the First Congress of Polish Museologists. Each resolution will be presented within 5 minutes. Next they will be discussed and voted,
  • After conclusion of the Congress the resolutions will be submitted to representatives of the legislative and executive power and they will be a social demand for implementation of the relevant legislative changes. The resolution team of the First Congress of Polish Museologists together with the Programme Committee and the statutory authorities of the Association of Polish Museologists, Polish National Committee of ICOM and Association of Open Air Museums will be the guardians of execution of the Congress resolutions.

The plenary session and debate

  • The plenary session and debate are planned for the Day 3,
  • Plenary debate is an opportunity for attendees of the Congress to participate in the discussion,
  • The aim of the plenary session is to present, discuss and pass resolutions of the First Congress of Polish Museologists.