Piotr Rypson, PhD

National Museum in Warsaw Deputy Director for Scientific Matters

Art critic, historian of literature and visual culture, expert in electronic education; (2012 – present) Deputy Director for Scientific Matters at the National Museum in Warsaw; in the past, he worked at: the Remont Gallery; the “Akademia Ruchu” publishing house; (1990–1995) editor-in-chief of “Obieg”; (1993–1996) Curator of Collections and the Galleries at the Centre for Contemporary Art in Warsaw; (1990–2014) Deputy Chairman of AICA, Chairman of the Programme Board of the Foksal Gallery Foundation and of the Programme Board of the International Poster Biennale; member of: the Council of the Culture Foundation, a committee of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage; lecturer of the Postgraduate Studies in Museology at the University of Warsaw, of the Rhode Island School of Design and the Miami Ad School; author of books on the history of literature and history of 20th century art and of approx. 200 articles printed in Poland and abroad.