Professor Hans-Martin Hinz

President of ICOM

PhD in science, academic teacher and (since 2013) Honorary Professor of the University of Bayreuth; President of ICOM; in the past, served as Advisor for creating new museums at the Ministry of Culture in West Berlin; (1991–2012) Board member of the German Historical Museum; (2000–2001) Berlin’s Vice-Minister of Culture; held numerous positions in national and international museum institutions; (2007 – president) Chairman of the Advisory Board of Sudentendeutsches Museum in Munich; (2009 – present) Board member of the Geographical Society of Berlin; (2010 – present) President of ICOM – previously held positions: (1998–2004) President of ICOM Germany; (2002–2005) President of ICOM Europe; (2004–2010) member of the Executive Board of ICOM; curator of international exhibitions, organiser of national and international symposiums, author of numerous articles; (2014) decorated with the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany by the President of West Germany – the highest decoration awarded to people with special accomplishments in serving the society and nation.